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  • Is HealFast Doctor Formulated, Approved, and Recommended?"
    Yes - HealFast was designed by a team of Physicians, primarily in the fields of Anesthesia and Surgery, so you know your surgery preparation is in great hands. We developed HealFast after some close family members and other patients were continuously sent home from surgeries without any form of nutritional support programs. Science is conclusive that nutrition is critical to good outcomes. After several years of study and leveraging top grade research from the medical community, the ingredients of HealFast were chosen to ensure maximum recovery results while protecting patients from surgery or medicine related complications during the operative period. View About Us and Science pages for more information.
  • Will HealFast interact with any medications or anesthesia I might be taking or exposed to during or after surgery?
    Many physicians advise patients to avoid supplements and vitamins around surgery due to known potential of certains supplements, vitamins, and herbs to interact with medications, anesthesia, bleeding, and the clotting cascade. HealFast formula is physician designed and approved for this time period. At HealFast, we specifically included only those ingredients that would provide maximum post surgery vitamin and nutritional support while minimizing potential interactions associated with common medications, anesthesia, or perioperative events. We have intentionally excluded ingredients that have known interactions. Please review our White Paper for the full review of this important topic. That said, we always advise that you consult your personal doctor, surgeon, or anesthesiologist before taking HealFast prior to surgery so that everyone is on the same page. We welcome questions from patients and physicians at
  • Why aren't there more products like HealFast on the market? Why the big Secret?
    That's a tough question, there are a quite few possible reasons why there aren't many products similar to HealFast on today's market, and not everyone will agree as to what the reason is. Often in healthcare, we as doctors see well funded pharma companies come to our offices to tell us about fabulous, new, expensive drugs they spent years developing. They present us the numbers and thousand of dollars spent in designing studies proving their drugs work. Unfortunately compared to that new cancer drug, nobody will spend that same money on Vitamin C because no matter how effective it is, they can't sell it for $200 a pill. So sometimes common and inexpensive remedies simply get pushed down the list. In addition, the unfortunate truth about nutritional education is that most medical school students spend maybe a couple of hours on this topic, making it something physicians have to learn about on their own time (And "time" is a resource often lacking in a physcian's schedule). Traditionally the world of medicine and nutrition has been separate. Doctors were hesitant to recommend vitamins and nutritional supplements, likely because there have been so many products on the market that either did not work, were not well studied or based on much scientific research, or contained ingredients that were not always the best for you. Although these circumstances are changing today, medicine culture can be slow to change. We have formulated HealFast from safe ingredients chosen from evedence based scientific studies and research. Every ingredient in our program is there for a reason and has scientific research from several rigorous studies to prove it's effectivenes. We include ingredients because they work, we don't have stakeholder responsiblity, budget or investors to impress, we are here to support your recovery. It is our hope, that with the HealFast - we can educate patients on the important benefits that they are missing out on. And although we cannot guarantee that this program will cure you of all ailements, we assure you that it was designed to help you based on the latest scientific advancement. Please review our White Paper and Science page for more information.
  • Is HealFast safe?
    Yes - HealFast is designed to provide the maximum amount of recovery support while having a targeted formula to reduce the risk of surgical or medicine-related complications. The ingredients chosen are designed to minimize interactions with most medications, anesthesia, and perioperative events. In particular, HealFast has omitted certain vitamins contained in typical supplement programs since they have the potential to interact with medications generally consumed during the operative period. For example, HealFast does not contain Vitamin E which has a potential to increase bleeding, and is included in a typical multi-vitamin. View the White Paper and Science sections for more information.
  • What is the difference between the pre-op and post-op formula?
    Pre-op formula is designed to be taken before your operation. It will replenish your body with everything you need before surgery, so that once the injury occurs, your body has all the tools it needs to jump start recovery. Post-op healing formula is everything contained in the preop formula plus bromelain and quercetin, both make for effective healing once an injury occurs. Both of these ingredients have multiple beneficial actions, including inflammation and pain control. Review our Science page and White Paper for more details.
  • What are the main active ingredients in HealFast that make the program so effective?
    We don't pull any punches with our formula and have a targeted the recipe to include the most essential and impactful ingredients, as determined by decades of evidence-based scientific research. For more information please see our Science Section and view our White Paper on the topic. Inactive ingredients in our formula are the safest available to protect the compounding and stability of the formula so it is safe for your consumption.
  • What should I do on the day of surgery?
    You doctor will adjust your medications and advise you on which medication to take the morning before surgery. Take your Pre-Operative HealFast with those medications morning surgery. We also advise to drink with carbohydrates and electrolytes (like Gatorade) the morning of surgery. Please confirm eating and drinking guidelines with your provider, but typically clear liquids (including Gatorade) are ok to drink 2 hours before surgery for many patients, but that may differ for you. Since you will otherwise be fasting before surgery, carbohydrates and electrolytes will keep your metabolism primed for healing.
  • Does HealFast also help with extreme exercise or work out related injury recovery?
    Yes - Exercise or work out related injuries, healing, and recovery follow a similiar path to surgery recovery and demand many of the same key ingredients. Both the Pre-Op and Post-Op Formula can help expedite athletic or exercise related recovery. We recommend starting with the Post-Op formula first as it has the added Bromelein and Quercetin to provide anti-inflammatory benefits during the early stages of healing.
  • Should I consult my doctor on taking HealFast before surgery?
    While the HealFast formula is designed to provide the least amount of interactions with common medications as well as anesthesia during the operative period; we love doctors, we are doctors, and would ALWAYS advise that you consult your personal doctor and/or anesthesiologist before surgery to ensure there are no complications with taking HealFast. It's just a good habit to have! We welcome questions from patients and physicians at
  • Can I take HealFast with other supplement products?
    HealFast provides everything you need for your speedy recovery in the appropriate dosages. It is advised that you refrain from combining HealFast with other vitamins supplements or programs since this may result in high doses of certain ingredients, which in combination could lead to unwanted side effects. Review our White Paper for more information.
  • I am pregnant, breast-feeding, or may become pregnant, can I still take HealFast?"
    We are continually evaluating this topic, and although we don't have evidence of harm, unfortunately HealFast ingredients have not been extensively studied in your population of patients. We would reccomend that you consult with your physicians before taking this supplement and do not complete more then 1 course.
  • How else can I optimize my recovery other than using the HealFast Surgical and Injury Recovery Formula?
    Recovery from surgery is multifaceted. Proper nutrition is key. HealFast regimens will give you the nutrients you need to heal well. In addition, we suggest higher intake of protein around your surgery. If you have time before the operation, it's a good idea to start exercising, even if that exercise is just walking more. You should also try to quit or cut down on smoking as this can definitively interfere with healing. Review Advice section below the FAQ page for more information.
  • How should I take the formula?
    The formula is designed to be taken twice a day to ensure your body is kept replete with nutrients around the clock. If you are preparing for Surgery: Start with the Pre-op formula 5 days prior and up to the day of surgery, or as directed by your physician. Post-op formula may be started as soon as you are able to safely swallow the tablet after the operation. If you are recovering from an Injury, or if you are recovering from surgery and have not been able to start with the Pre-Op formula: Start with the Post-op formula first and then switch over to the Pre-Op Formula, again or as directed by your physician.
  • When can I start taking HealFast after surgery?
    You can take HealFast as soon as you are able to swallow pills, whether you are at home or in the hospital.
  • Where can I purchase the formula?
    See the Shop page to order now. If we are between production runs please drop your contact details Here and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly to secure your order.
  • Should I take any other supplements besides HealFast?
    HealFast contains everything you need for your recovery, and we would urge you stay away from other Vitamins and supplements. Sometimes too much of a good thing can actually be bad, and we are talking about vitamin toxicity. That said, if you are having plastic surgery, some practicioners suggest adding in an Arnica Montana supplement, which can help with bruising. However, we chose to omitt this ingredient in our formula because it can potentially be unsafe in some individuals. It can also interact with some medications that are given in the time period around surgery. If you are having surgery involving bone, such as orthopedic surgery, you may consider taking a Calcium and Vitamin D supplement, which can help with bone healing. We chose not to include those ingredients since only select few people will benefit, so please consult with your doctor. See the White Paper and the Science section for more information.
  • Should I take HealFast with water or some other beverage?
    Sure - you can consume HealFast however you want with or without liquids depending on your comfort level. It is always advised to take supplements with some food to help with absorption.
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