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Want to get in shape? Consistency is key!

Hi there everyone and welcome to another episode of the HealFast Health and Wellness series.

Today I wanted to shake it up a little bit, less about science facts and a tad more on motivation and inspiration.

Perhaps because I am feeling beat and needed to self-reinforce my own discipline and focus. But I wanted to share some thoughts and lessons that have actually helped me transform my life in the past; and helped keep me going even when getting off those "really rough" 24 hr shifts in the OR. To our doctor fans out there - you know what I mean by that, for you potential patients... just a long day, nothing to worry about!

To start, as I mention in the video, I actually weighed considerably more. In fact, I lost over 100+ lbs before packing on a tad of muscle (here and there) to reside at my current size. While it took a while, I transformed like this gent in the pic... well... not so much, but a guy can have stretch goals, right!?

Jokes aside - it wasn't easy and with a doctor's work schedule it is now a constant struggle to find the time to make it to the gym while already balancing the limited time with loved ones and enhanced studies on the side.

But I am not here to play for the pity party, I merely want to help set the stage that if someone like me can do it, I know you can as well! So I wanted to share some of these thoughts in my video and what better place to talk about fitness and motivation than at Santa Monica's own "Muscle Beach" the start of the US' fitness revolution.

Some key points from this chat:

There a literally a 100 ways to find your rhythm and stick with it. As I mentioned, there was a professor from Kansas State University who lost nearly 30 lbs simply eating twinkies on a daily yet consistent basis. The trick here is the consistency and time interval. Even something as unhealthy as a twinkie, if eaten on a consistent pattern that entices the body to get hungry, will help break down calories and fat over time. Obviously, choosing more healthy snacks would be an even better alternative, but you get the point.

Just get out and do it! Find something that makes you want to get up and go! It doesn't have to be a bone crushing work out to see results. It can be some push ups, sit ups, and lunges each morning and that is all! If done consistently every morning you will see improvements. Make it a game if needed, set your own rules and don't break them.

Remember. You are still doing better by going to the gym to a crappy work out than the person who gave up and sat at home.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my short video, more science-filled videos are on the way! Thanks everyone for your support and emails. We are getting some very interesting messages and will be incorporating some of those topics into future posts and videos.

If you liked the content please continue to share and like. Leave your comments below and email us as well. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for new episodes and updates!

As always until next time, stay informed and be healthy!

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