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Healthy Reflection: Consider Your Path

HealFast, choosing your path

Hi Everyone - welcome back to another post from the HealFast Health and Wellness series.

Today the Docs are in various 24-hour shifts so I am left to my own devices surrounded by the medical research we have been accumulating over the past few months. But instead of bombarding you with scientific facts and simplified studies that, we at HealFast hold near and dear, today I wanted to engage you in a more philosophical conversation (that's more my style).

You see, it is often hard to get the attention of the Docs during scheduled situations like today. But when I do catch them coming in and out of the OR, all they want is to get off their feet, some food, a nap, or some coffee (I find - and I don't blame them). I once asked Dr. Figura, way before medical school even started for him - what drives you? What do you want out of that life?

His answer at that time and, surprisingly consistent throughout med-school and the board exams he took (and aced - mind you #ProudFriend), was that he wanted to learn and be challenged but ultimately find a spot where he could help the most people. He said that trying to do this for the money was an incorrect mindset and that a person would never last through the rigors and sacrifices needed if that was their motivation.

So, sitting here today looking at their schedule, I would like to pose this simple yet incredibly difficult question to you, our readers.

What do you want out of life, what are you striving for, and ultimately, what would you do if today was your last day?

It is often hard to focus on what is important for us personally on a day to day basis with all the political turmoil out there today. Between the government-related, ethical, environmental, and most-scary health & food issues such as chemicals and antibiotics in our food, genetically modified crops, and unnatural ingredients in our fast-food chains, it's tough to see a picture with space for us and our dreams.

While I do not profess to be any type of expert or guru on what the meaning of life is if I had to guess it would be "to be happy". If there was a goal: to experience everything our heart desired and as a bonus to see and understand the world through everyone's perspectives. While I personally would love to travel the world and accomplish this, traveling is not for everyone. But at the root of any dream, requires a strong foundation in one's health. This could be healthy living, a healthy mindset or outlook, goals, or simply relationships.

What is your current situation like? What would you like to change or what is holding you back from realizing that goal or dream? Are you not in shape for that hike up Kilimanjaro (me projecting) or do you not have enough money coming in to take that trip back home to see family? Is there a partner or friend holding you back or are you nervous or embarrassed to speak your goal out loud?

Don't worry - I won't tell anyone, but while you are reading, be honest with yourself. Be honest with those concerns and what it is going to take to break free of them. Sometimes life hits you hard and keeps you down no matter how hard you struggle. While that might be the way of things, I feel it is in the struggle that we grow and reach new potentials in ourselves.

One trick I have learned over the years - and something reinforced by great minds such as Steve Jobs, Les Brown, and Eric Thomas - is "to remember that one day you are going to die ... and that you have nothing to lose". Morbidity aside, following the logical path laid to our next question and assuming we recognize and face the former question as a truth; then the next question would be as follows. What would we change right now, (today) if we knew tomorrow was our last day on Earth? What dreams would you chase in those final moments? What smiles would you try to bring, who would you embrace and who would you guide or comfort?

If you have an answer and it doesn't seem attainable on the path you are currently following, then I think you realize it is time for a change. It will be scary no doubt, but if you believe you have no control I personally believe that is incorrect (I am sure someone's circumstances out there could prove me wrong). But for the majority of you reading today, privileged with the internet and power, there is something you can do.

I often wonder about this question when thinking about the Docs as they spend inordinate amounts of time trying to save others, listening and recording to memory the regrets of their patients, and reflecting on the years spent mastering their trade and the time devoted to the job. Somehow the Docs still seem to find time to pursue their passions on the side and I hope this is uplifting in some small way as you answer the questions above for yourselves.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, it might have even gotten a little deep for a moment! If you did enjoy it please comment below, post other questions, topics, and responses; and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for new updates.

As always until next time, stay informed and be healthy!

General Disclaimer:

All information here is for educational purposes only and is not meant to cure, heal, diagnose nor treat. This information must not be used as a replacement for medical advice, nor can the writer take any responsibility for anyone using the information instead of consulting a healthcare professional. All serious disease needs a physician.

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