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4 Key Skincare Supplement Requirements

While you may consistently eat a healthy diet, odds are you’ll eventually need a supplement.

On a cellular level – nutrition is critical for radiant, youthful-looking skin. And knowing which nutrients to obtain and in what dosages is just as important as sticking to the regimen.

Below you’ll find some tips to consider when picking out your supplements that our medical team professionals put together. Some of the tips are also useful for your supplement purchasing decisions.

When looking for skincare supplements, there are several things to consider.


Assess ingredients to ensure they are high yield, absorbable, and scientifically supported.

Our recommendation is to avoid supplements that contain “everything under the Sun," extracts from questionable sources, or “proprietary blends."

It helps avoid taking something that’s not standardized, contains ingredients that aren’t helpful, or even worse, harmful to you!


The FDA does not directly certify individual supplements. But they DO endorse manufacturers.

Look for FDA and cGMP certifications. They show the manufacturing facility meets all the appropriate quality & safety criteria. Otherwise, consumer beware!


Ensure you’re buying from a reputable brand.

The brand should be transparent & test its products on quality, purity, and content. Ensure there are no contaminants like solvents, heavy metals, or bacteria. You’d be surprised how often this isn’t standard!


Make sure it’s designed and tested by experts. Look for affiliations with physicians and experts who study skincare.

Determine whether scientific studies validate the ingredients. Don’t use products with ingredients that “sound good” but haven’t been shown to be safe and effective via clinical studies. (e.g., some rare, unspecified mushroom root)

Not interested in supplements? Here's what you need to know about what foods and ingredients to include in your diet.


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