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Cosmetic Surgery Recovery: The Importance of Following All Directions

Did you recently schedule an appointment to undergo cosmetic surgery? Regardless of what type of cosmetic surgery or procedure you are undergoing, recovery preparation and turn around time is important.

In fact, it's so important - your cosmetic surgeon will provide you with a set of post-surgery directions for you to follow. And it's crucial that you carefully and closely follow those directions and stay consistent! Simply knowing that it is important to follow all post-surgery directions isn’t enough for many individuals. Many are often left wondering what's the worst that could happen and then stray back into their regular routines or habits. In all honesty, if you really did know - there's a good chance that you won’t miss a step, no matter how large or small, in your recovery process.

The greatest risk of not following all post-surgery directions is the risk of surgery complications. In most surgeries, there is a considerable amount of tissue disruption and damage occurring. For example, if you undergo liposuction or have excess skin removed from your body, there will be significant amounts of cutting involved and each surgery presents potential recovery complications. Of course, you will be securely put back together with sutures and bandages; but what about infections, post-surgery tears, re-openings, etc.? Skin infections, in particular, that result from improper care - aren’t only painful, but they can cause serious health complications, including death.

Read More: Top 5 Anti-Aging Foods for Skin Health & Beauty This is why you should always proceed with caution, follow the post-recovery advice, and begin preparing well in advance of surgery by having your home life and chores handled, pets taken care of, and stressful situations mitigated to the best of your ability.

Another reason why it's important for you to follow the post-surgery recovery directions provided by your cosmetic surgeon is for better results!

There are some cosmetic procedures, like liposuction and gastric bypass surgery, where certain steps must be taken. For liposuction, excess fat, around five to ten pounds, will be removed from your problem spots. To keep a lean look, you must be able to eat healthy and start a regular exercise plan. If you do not abide by your doctor’s instructions, you may gain the weight and excess fatback in as little as a few months. This, essentially, means that you wasted your money on surgery in the first place. As previously stated, your cosmetic surgeon should provide you with a detailed list of directions to follow after your surgery. In some cases, this information may be discussed ahead of time, during your consultation appointment. If you have yet to have your consultation appointment, you may be curious as to what the recovery process will be like. Typically, it will depend on what specific procedure you will undergo; however, there are some common steps that can and should be taken - for example, pain management.

For pain, over-the-counter pain medicines can be used for the slight pain and discomfort you are likely to experience from cosmetic surgery. Be sure to inquire as to which medications are the best. An ice pack will likely need to be applied to help reduce the swelling. Other post-surgery recovery steps, may require you to change your bandages on a daily basis or keep them clean and dry until your next visit.

Lastly, you will also likely face physical restrictions. For bodywork, like liposuction, breast enlargements, and reductions, you may be required to avoid heavy lifting and exercising for at least two to three weeks. As you can see, it is important that you follow any after surgery instructions provided to you by your cosmetic surgeon.

If you have any questions or concerns about the recovery process, please ask and before your procedure begins and get any and all lingering questions answered at your consultation appointment.


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