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The Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery

Are you thinking about going under the knife? If so, do you know the risks enough to prepare yourself for surgery recovery before you enter the operating room? Many patients are searching for a quick and relatively easy way to look their best, and it's true that cosmetic surgery is increasing in popularity. While in most cases the results can be staggering and realized very quickly; it is important to know about the dangers and risks associated with cosmetic surgery. For you to make a well-informed decision, you must also know exactly what those dangers are. Doing so will better allow you to weigh the pros and cons of undergoing cosmetic surgery and best prepare for a swift surgery recovery.

The most likely risk associated with cosmetic surgery is the pain and discomfort felt during recovery.

While not all cosmetic surgery procedures result in pain and discomfort, a large number of them do. In most cases, your pain and discomfort may be treatable through over-the-counter pain medicines, ice packs, and solid recovery nutrition, it may still cut into your daily activities. In fact, the pain may be enough to keep you out of work for a couple of days so you may want to consider taking a few days of time off ahead of time. In addition, having family members or loved ones assist with housework or chores for the first few days home is always a good idea. Aside from having a small amount of pain and discomfort, there are other side effects to cosmetic surgery.

With any cosmetic surgery, there is a chance that recovery complications occur.

This risk is one that many do not necessarily think about because surgery recovery complications are actually quite rare. That said, they do occur so be prepared and complete your initial due diligence on the most common complications, how to identify them and what to do. Whether it be poor wound healing, drainage issues, or heavy scarring, or bruising. If you will be given anesthesia, be sure to talk to your surgeon and anesthesiologist ahead of time to discuss any allergies or reactions to the drug before the procedure begins.

Remember, when undergoing cosmetic surgery sometimes the results may not be what you wanted.

In fact, every so often you hear reports on the news about how a cosmetic surgeon messed up a patient’s procedure. When this unlikely event occurs, it tends to leave the patient in a worse situation than they were in to begin with before surgery. To reduce the chances of this happening, you will want to full vet the physician, clinic, and if desired, your post-op recovery center. Look for affordable rates, satisfied patients, and a strong surgical background.

Aside from not getting the results that you wanted, sometimes you may be stuck with your decision.

Some cosmetic surgery procedures are very difficult, if not, impossible to reverse. That's why it is important to make sure that you are sure about your decision to go under the knife and to find a qualified cosmetic surgeon or surgical center.

Don't forget about the small and temporary side effects which will depend on your procedure type.

For example, another common side effect of cosmetic surgery is that of skin irritation. Your skin will likely be red and it may even feel a little itchy. Depending on what part of your body the cosmetic surgery was performed - e.g., your face - you may want to stay indoors or at home for at least a day or two.

Lastly, it's also important to examine the financial impact that cosmetic surgery can have on your wallet.

There are very few cosmetic procedures that are covered by health insurance. For that reason, you may find yourself responsible for the full cost of your surgery. If that occurs, do you have a plan to come up with the money? As you can see from being highlighted above, there are a number of dangers and risks that are associated with cosmetic surgery.

With that said, it doesn’t mean that you should avoid cosmetic surgery at all costs.

Instead, it means that you should use your best judgment. Do your best to either adjust life behaviors if that will assist with the underlying concern, and if not - completing the necessary due diligence to determine if surgery is right for you. Remember, instead of just finding a cheap cosmetic surgeon, find one that has affordable rates, amazing qualifications, and a lot of satisfied patients. Good Luck!


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