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What to Consider When Choosing a Cosmetic Surgery Center

Are you interested in getting cosmetic surgery but don't know where or how to find a great cosmetic surgery center?

Whether you are looking to undergo a surgical facelift, a tummy tuck, breast enhancement, or reduction, or if you're just looking to remove wrinkles and slow the signs of aging; you're going to need a top-notch surgery center. To find a local cosmetic surgery center - you have a number of different options which include:

  • Performing a standard internet search for around your location

  • Examining online business directories

  • Using your local phone book

  • Asking close family or friends for any recommendations

Just finding a cosmetic surgery center isn’t good enough; you'll also need to choose one that fits your needs best.

Since cosmetic surgery can be dangerous and tricky, especially if it's performed by someone with less than stellar qualifications or experience. Weed out trouble by selecting a quality cosmetic surgery center even if it means it may be a little more costly. For starters, examine the location. Those interested in undergoing cosmetic surgery tend to either choose in the following two ways:

  • Finding a local surgery center that is easy and convenient to visit.

  • Finding the cheapest (yet safe) cosmetic surgery center, even if it means traveling abroad.

Depending on where you live, you should be able to find a top-notch cosmetic surgeon within an hour or two of your home.

When looking to choose a cosmetic surgery center, the procedures performed should be examined. What is nice about choosing a cosmetic surgery center, as opposed to one surgeon with a private practice is that you often gain access to the most services and procedures. A cosmetic surgery center is likely to perform a wide range of procedures, even those that involve the use of lasers. With that said, be sure to call ahead and verify first. Also, know that if you are looking to improve your smile, by way of your teeth, a cosmetic dentist should be visited.

Cost is an obvious factor to consider when choosing a cosmetic surgery center.

Cost is important to balance, as you don't want to be stuck with a surgical procedure that you cannot afford but also risk yourself in a potentially unsafe practice. So the first step is examining your health insurance coverage if you are insured. Is your desired cosmetic procedure covered? If not, you will want to examine alternative methods of payment, which may involve using a credit card, inquiring about payment plans, or taking a few months to save for the surgery. As important as it is to find a cosmetic surgery center that you can afford, you do not want to lose quality for cost. If you do, you may regret your decision in the end. That's why the reputation of the cosmetic surgery center in question should be thoroughly be examined.

  • Do they have a good success rate or a high rate of complications?

  • How much experience do the cosmetic surgeons on staff have?

  • What about training?

  • Would their patients be likely to return again because they were pleased with the results?

  • Do you know ahead of time who is actually performing your procedure?

It isn’t a good idea to choose a surgery center that will surprise you on surgery day. Even if a center has a good reputation, please know that each of the doctors has their own personal amount of work experience, training, and education.

The environment should also be examined. Most reputable cosmetic surgery centers will require you to attend a consultation appointment first.

When doing so, how comfortable do you feel in the offices, the waiting room, and in the procedural rooms? Cosmetic surgery is a big step that many patients second guess at every step. It's only nature, so be sure you've done your research and are comfortable with the office environment. Choose a cosmetic surgery center that has a calm, peaceful, relaxing, yet professional environment. If going abroad get a virtual tour or check out images from previous patients to get a feel for the environment. Of course some online images will be marketing-like in nature, so try to keep a clear head, understand that lighting can do a lot for photos, and try to get patient provided shots for the most realistic expectations. You don't want to be totally surprised on the day you show up or find that a center is "under new management" and the place has gone downhill. That's we why recommend also speaking with a patient who has used that doctor at that facility if you are able to connect on the many discussion boards and patient chats. In the end, it is your level of comfort that will decide whether to commit to a cosmetic surgery center. But getting the opinion and experience of a previous patient you trust, can go along way!


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