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  • PHYSICIAN BACKED: We are not just a company, we are a network of physicians creating product for our patients. All of our products are vetted and supported by experts in the field.

  • SCIENCE: Our products are built by clinical trials, using the most bioavailable ingredients. No pseudoscience, homeopathy, or ineffective dosages

  • QUALITY: Our products are made in the US in a FDA registered facility. We triple test our ingredients for content, purity, and solvents. We exceed all cGMP standards.

  • TRANSPARENCY: We have no "proprietary blends", you know exactly what you are taking with our products

FDA approved facility, safe supplement
GMP Certified supplement facility, Best Supplements
Third Party Supplement Testing for extra safety
HealFast, Made in the USA


As physicians we constantly focus on how to make you, our patient, better. We focus on the latest techniques, medications, and when appropriate - procedures and surgical intervention. ​ We formed HealFast because we believe there is a critical and often overlooked piece to your health and recovery, and that is: what you can do as a patient.


  • To educate the community on the benefits of nutrition alongside healthy diet and exercise, medications, and interventions to support health, wellness, and recovery

  • To create quality nutritional supplementation, free of chemical adulterations, contaminants, and heavy metals, while adhering to highest standard manufacturing guidelines and principles

  • To facilitate rigorous scientific research for nutritional interventions, that are both safe and effective

  • To responsibly source only the best and highest quality ingredients


The medical community has traditionally avoided holistic approaches in favor of prescription medications. However, today, new scientific information increasingly supports a number of natural ingredients with potent, well tolerated, and beneficial effects on the human body.

Historically, many “natural products” had only anecdotal evidence of efficacy, lacked real scientific research, and were sold at incorrect and often dangerous doses. In addition, many lacked strong manufacturing principles which led to poor product quality and/or contamination.

HealFast is here to change that. We only craft products backed by rigorous research that’s been published in scientifically reviewed journals. Physicians and medical professionals validate all of our products. We abide by stringent manufacturing principles upheld by pharmaceutical standards, and, we only use premium & highly absorbable ingredients that get triple tested for contaminants, residual solvents, purity, and potency.  

Our first product has been based on our simple observation of a clinical need. Too often we saw surgery and injury recovery complications such as compromised wound healing, higher infection rates, longer hospital stays, increased pain and fatigue, and repeated interventions, among others; many of which can be prevented.

In order to help educate our patients, improve outcomes, and simplify the required effort; we aimed to scientifically support the body's natural healing processes through proper nourishment.


Our first product was a Surgical and Injury Recovery Support Formula filled with vitamins, minerals, probiotics, antioxidants, amino acids, and anti-inflammatories to optimize your chances at fast and strong recovery. The formula is based on in-depth research and over 200 clinical studies. Similar to a protein shake after a tough workout or a multi-vitamin to help balance a poor diet; HealFast Recovery supplement has all the critical factors needed to help expedite and improve recoveries from surgical intervention or athletic-related injuries.

Our products since then have continued to embody the essence of supporting our bodies natural healing and rejuvenation abilities. We strive to create products that support our physiology in light of stress from life, disease, and interventions. We do so by creating high quality, evidence supported nutraceutical, that are vetted by physicians and healthcare professional in their respective fields. 


Meet the healthcare team guiding our products and services

Clinical Advisory Team
Dr. Figura, surgeon, anesthesiologist, M.D,
Dr. Myro Figura, M.D.
Jason Roostaiean.jpeg
Dr. Jason Roostaeian, M.D.
Plastic Surgery
Dr. Jessica Chang, surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, M.D,
Dr. Jessica Chang, M.D.
Plastic Surgery
Dr. Hersh Pael, Pain Management, surgeon, anesthesiologist, M.D,
Dr. Hersh Patel, M.D.
Pain Management
Octavian Mihai, PA-C.
Pain Management
Dr. Aalap Shah, M.D.
Aesthetic Medicine &
Dr. Le, surgeon, anesthesiologist, M.D
Dr. John Le, M.D.
chirag high res image.jpg
Dr. Chirag Desai, M.D.
Sean Saadat, MD.jpg
Dr. Sean Saadat, M.D.
Plastic Surgery
Dr. Natalya Figura, M.D.
Internal Medicine &
Dr. Kimberly Langdon, M.D.
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Simson Wang, C.R.N.A
The HealFast Surgical & Injury Recovery Supplement was crafted after our own family members required extensive invasive surgeries leading to avoidable complications caused by poor nutritional counseling.
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